Will You Let Fear And Uncertainty Take The Wheel, Or Will You Say…
Move Over, I’M DRIVING!”

The Tough Love Manual of Renegade Self-Help.

Here’s the deal: platitudes, quotes and mainstream “Self-help” are for people who are scared of experiencing the bad things in life. This book is for the people who have already been through it all. A story of betrayal, pain, baggage and loss. And of course, inspiration. The REAL stuff.


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“Anti-Kumbaya,” Real Life Self-Help
For Genuine People with Real Problems
Dear Friend,

If you’re like I was a few years ago, you’re absolutely dead sick and tired of “kumbaya self-help” gurus always telling you to “forgive and forget” the past, “think positive,” clean up your baggage, forget the trauma of the past, and make a vision board.

Real life is tough.

Real life is NOT a children’s story, the kind with a “back-of-the-cereal-box” moral attached to every event.

Real life will knock you down a time or two, sometimes without a good reason.

But you know what else?

I’ve discovered real life is also amazing, because anything is possible if you start from where you are today and set realistic goals for yourself in the future.

That’s what this book, “Move Over, I’m Driving!” is about.

It’s about taking the wheel back into YOUR hands, and taking control of your life – not being a passenger who gets tossed around in the back seat.
If You’ve Read This Far, You Might Be Asking…
Damian McGee
Who The H&%% Am I?
…And if I was a normal self-help guru, this is where I’d tell you about all of the companies I’ve owned, and the millions of dollars I’ve made, and the fancy cars I have in my garage.

But you and I are both sick of that B.S. – right?

So the truth is, I’m just a normal person like you. And in my life, I’ve had a lot of bad stuff happen to me that shaped who I am today.

I’ve survived through:
  • Molestation
  • The death of a child
  • A nasty divorce
  • ​Becoming estranged to my family
  • ​Betrayed by the only person who should ALWAYS protect me
This book tells exactly how I finally put aside the B.S. we all hear every day from “self-help” gurus who’ve never been through anything hard – and tells my journey towards a realistic, practical toolset that gives me control and freedom in my life today.

If you want the same thing, I can promise that at the very least, reading my story will keep you entertained – because there’s some serious drama.

But through it all, I’ll spell out the lessons I learned so you can come to a better place in your life, too.
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